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Sherbet Queen is the sensation that breaks typical stereotypes. She shares genetics with Girl Scout Cookies, Sunset Sherbet, and Pink Panties giving her delicious flavors, seductive aromas, and many other attributes. Her Flavors are that of candy with sweet notes throughout, but with a kick of lemons and finishing with a herbaceous aftertaste. Growers find her very forgiving and easy to grow.

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Strain Description

Sherbet Queen is an indica-dominant strain with genetics derived from Sunset Sherbet and Pink Panties. Sherbet Queen is known for its fruity flavors, seductive aromas, and medicinal properties, offering a wholesome experience to both recreational and medicinal users. The strains high is described as impactful on both the mind and body, breaking typical stereotypes of indica strains. While it does possess some sedative qualities, it also exhibits uplifting, energetic, and creative traits more commonly associated with sativa strains. This makes it a versatile option, allowing for productivity while still enjoying its effects. Sherbet Queen is said to have calming effects on the body and can be effective in alleviating feelings of anxiety and worry. With its potent THC content, it doesnt take much to experience the earthy flavors and intriguing high, which can provide relief to both the body and mind. In terms of cultivation, Sherbet Queen produces moderate buds and requires little maintenance during both the vegetative and flowering stages. It shows good resilience to mold, making it suitable for outdoor cultivation, especially in Mediterranean climates. Indoor growers should keep an eye on humidity levels. The strain is typically ready for harvest between late September and early October.

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