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Welcome to the Big Apple: NYC Diesel! Rich ripe grapefruits overwlem the senses . Her acolades include numerous cup awards and she has become a fan favorite.

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Strain Description

NYC Diesel is a popular cannabis strain known for its origins in New York City. It is a hybrid strain with approximately 70% sativa and 30% indica genetics. The strain is often praised for its unique taste, smell, and effects. NYC Diesel has a distinct aroma and flavor reminiscent of ripe red grapefruits. The scent is potent enough that it overpowers the smell of other strains in the vicinity when the fresh buds are touched. This strong fragrance adds to its appeal for many cannabis enthusiasts. In terms of its effects, NYC Diesel provides an exotic high. As it is a sativa-dominant strain, it tends to produce uplifting and energizing effects. Users may experience increased creativity, focus, and sociability. The indica influence in the genetics can contribute to a relaxed and mellow feeling as well, balancing out the sativa effects. In regard to cultivation, NYC Diesel has a relatively long flowering time of approximately 13 weeks. It is important to note that individual growing conditions and techniques can affect the actual flowering time and overall yield. The minimum yield is around 40 grams per plant, but its worth noting that this can vary depending on factors such as growing environment, plant health, and cultivation expertise.

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