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AK Lemon Auto is an improved and updated version of the classic base. A favorite for those that love citrusy flavors, users can expect an uplifting and creative effect thats perfect for socializing. Additionally, she boasts sturdy growth patterns while staying small, making it a great choice for those looking to grow a compact and robust plant with even more flavor.

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Strain Description

Lemon AK is an improved version of the classic AK-47 strain, developed by Fast Buds. It offers strong growth patterns and a maximum height of around 1 meter, making it a great choice for growers who prefer compact plants. The buds of Lemon AK are tightly packed and covered in crystals, displaying a rich deep green color. With a THC content of approximately 24%, this strain is known for its potent effects and resin production, making it popular among extraction enthusiasts. When it comes to the smoke report, Lemon AK provides a citrusy and uplifting high that is great for socializing and creative activities. The strains improved flavors introduce new citrusy notes to the earthy taste of the original AK-47, creating a lemony zest and adding a refreshing twist. Lemon AK grows between 70-100 cm and develops a large main cola with a few side branches. During the early stages, the plant may appear bushy but will transform into a frost-covered Christmas tree-like structure by the end of its cycle. The heavy bud production during the flowering stage may require support to prevent the plant from collapsing under its own weight. While Lemon AK is an autoflowering strain, it may take slightly longer to fully mature due to its Sativa genetics. For optimal growth, it is recommended to provide Lemon AK with as much light as possible, preferably up to 20 hours a day. This strain tends to have a large foliage production in the initial weeks and then shifts its focus to heavy bud development. Overall, Lemon AK from Fast Buds offers improved growth patterns, stronger effects, and enhanced flavors compared to the classic AK-47 strain. It is a sturdy plant with a citrusy twist, making it suitable for both experienced growers and enthusiasts looking for a fruity-tasting high.

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