Gorilla Cookies Fem

A star was born with the combo of Gorilla Glue 4 and Girl Scout Cookies! Gorilla Cookies Fem allows for rapid bloom and easy growing experience. She is incredibly enticing as well with her cookie dough aroma and sweet flavors combined with that earthy/skunky scent from her parent GG4.

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Strain Description

Long awaited and eagerly anticipated, Gorilla Cookies are here! Combining the hybrid Gorilla Glue 4 with the indica-dominant Girl Scout Cookies has produced another highly consistent classic with banging THC levels and a blissfully enjoyable high. Gorilla Cookies is a hybrid strain which tends to lean more towards the indica side. This allows a rapid 8 week bloom and an easy grow experience with limited stretch during the flowering period. The terpene profile is sweet, with hints of cookie dough aroma and an earthy/skunky scent. Perhaps the best feature of Gorilla Cookies is the extreme potency, a real heavy-handed effect which should satisfy even the most demanding grower. Smoke too much and you will be glued to the sofa yet desperate to raid the kitchen!

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