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Dos Si Dos 33 is from Barney’s Farm Cali Collection and is simply extraordinary. It is for those of you who have had a hard days at work and want to restore the joy that was stripped from you. Barney’s Farm created this combination of Dos Si Dos, Gelato 33, OG Kush Breath, Girl Scout Cookies, Face Off OG, and other cultivars. The end result? A potent and flavorful new contender. Dos Si Dos 33 has an earthy pine aroma with sweet chocolate undertones. Its a classic taste that will take you back to the days of simpler times when life wasnt complicated. Try out Dos Si Dos 33 for a wonderful addition to your collection.

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Strain Description

The Dos Si Dos 33 strain by Barney’s Farm is a cannabis variety that belongs to the Cali Collection, which is known for its potent and flavorful strains. It is a hybrid strain with 40% Sativa and 60% Indica genetics. Dos Si Dos 33 was developed by crossing OG Kush Breath (a Girl Scout Cookies phenotype) with Face Off OG. This resulting strain was then crossed again with Cookies Kush, which is a hybrid of OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies. To enhance its profile further, a subtle blend of Gelato 33 was added to the genetic mix. Gelato 33 is a strain that combines Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC, resulting in a flavorful and potent variety. Dos Si Dos 33 is known for its explosive terpene profile, with aromas and flavors that can range from sweet and fruity to earthy and spicy. It has a THC content of 22-28%, making it a potent strain in terms of psychoactive effects. When grown indoors, Dos Si Dos 33 plants can produce up to 700 grams of high-quality flowers per square meter. They have a compact height, reaching around 90 centimeters. Outdoors, the plants can yield an astonishing 2 kilograms and are typically ready for harvest around mid-October. The buds of Dos Si Dos 33 exhibit a striking contrast of lime green and violet colors, adding to its visual appeal. This strain offers a well-balanced high, starting with a sativa burst of euphoric energy followed by a tranquilizing and sedative effect. It is known for inducing relaxation and happiness in those who consume it. Overall, Dos Si Dos 33 is a unique and potent strain from the Cali Collection, offering a mix of Sativa and Indica effects along with a delightful flavor profile.

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