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Critical Daddys lineage comes from Critical Mass and Granddaddy Purple. A winner of numerous awards and a favorite for producing new hybrids. Her yields are high and she is fast to harvest. She gives off an aroma of fruity and woody notes.

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Blimburns Critical Daddy Purple is a cannabis strain that is primarily indica dominant. It is created by combining the genetics of two renowned strains: Critical Mass and Granddaddy Purple. Critical Mass has gained recognition through numerous awards and has been extensively used for breeding purposes, while Granddaddy Purple is widely regarded as one of the most popular indica strains. One of the notable characteristics of Critical Daddy Purple is its high resin production, making it a desirable strain for those seeking abundant amounts of resin. It is also known for its resistance to pests, adding to its appeal for cultivators. When cultivated indoors, this strain has a relatively fast growth rate, with a harvest typically ready within 50 to 60 days. Indoor yields can reach around 600 grams per square meter. Blimburn recommends providing ample vertical space for optimal indoor cultivation and suggests using the ScrOG (Screen of Green) method to achieve a uniform canopy and enhance the development of lower flowers. Blimburns feminized seeds of Critical Daddy Purple exhibit excellent growth in nutrient-rich soil or hydroponic systems, resulting in approximately 20% higher yields. If grown outdoors, its important to consider that this strain can grow quite tall. Outdoor harvests typically yield between 500 to 600 grams per plant, with dense, resinous flowers. The aroma of the flowers is fruity, accompanied by woody undertones. Critical Daddy Purple offers a balanced and calming effect, making it suitable for consumption throughout the day. It is known to promote fluent conversations, making it a great strain for socializing. The influence of the parental genetics from Critical Mass contributes to a state of deep body relaxation. Additionally, this strain has a THC range of around 19%. In the medicinal field, Critical Daddy Purple has shown promise in alleviating symptoms of various conditions, including depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and other pathologies. It is considered a beneficial herb for individuals seeking relief from these ailments.

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