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Cookies Kush happens to be a fan favorite within the grower’s community. It relaxes users by taking them on a journey deep within themselves. Many appreciate the introspection that the Cookies Kush demands them to have. It is strong in resisting harsh environmental conditions and manages to flourish anyways. Growers will most definitely appreciate its easy growing nature. Its genetic lineage comes from crossing Girl Scout Cookies with the potent OG Kush. This gives it its distinct smell of mint chocolate flavor and cookies. Cookies Kush is playful and vibrant for those who wish to prolong their youth through her delectable taste and scents.

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Strain Description

Barney’s Farm Cookies Kush strain was created by crossing a Girl Scout Cookies phenotype with a potent OG Kush variety. This breeding project successfully merged the mint chocolate flavor of OG Kush with the delightful taste and aroma of Girl Scout Cookies. One notable characteristic of the Cookies Kush strain is its versatility and resilience. It tends to be forgiving when faced with challenging growing conditions, making it a suitable choice for both experienced and novice growers. With an indoor flowering time of approximately 8 weeks, it offers a relatively quick turnaround for those cultivating it indoors. Additionally, this strain has the potential to produce substantial yields grown indoors except up to 650 grams/m2. In terms of its genetic composition, the Cookies Kush strain is reported to be 30% Sativa and 70% Indica. She offers a balance of both uplifting and relaxing effects that are both energizing and cerebral, as well as relaxing and sedating. Her tastes are that of mint chocolate, woody, apples and lime with aromas of citrus, sour apples, pungent and earthy notes.

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