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Blueberry Zkittlez Automatic is a hybrid that combines the genetics of Blueberry, NL 5, Skunk Kush, and Durban. She is known for her complex fruity flavor and aroma, with a touch of earthiness. Blueberry Zkittlez Auto is low-maintenance, and produces compact plants, making it ideal for limited space.

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Strain Description

Blueberry Zkittlez Automatic offers a flavorful and enjoyable experience for growers and consumers alike. Its genetic background combines Blueberry, Durban, Northern Lights 5, and Skunk Kush, resulting in a multi-layered flavor profile and robust growth characteristics. In terms of growth, Blueberry Zkittlez Automatic is a compact plant with tight internodal spacing. Indoors, it typically reaches a height of 70-100 cm, while outdoor plants can grow even taller. The branches are sturdy, adorned with bright green foliage during the vegetative stage. As the plant transitions to the flowering stage, the leaves and flowers may exhibit purple hues and become covered in a thick layer of trichomes. One of the advantages of Blueberry Zkittlez Automatic is its automatic flowering capability. Growers do not need to manipulate the light schedule to induce flowering since the plant does it automatically. This strain also has a relatively short flowering time of 50-55 days, making it a quick option for harvest. When it comes to yields, Blueberry Zkittlez Automatic can produce around 450-500 grams per square meter indoors and up to 350 grams per plant outdoors. Its bud development is impressive, featuring dense and colorful flowers coated in trichomes. The vibrant orange stigmas stand out against the green and purple hues, enhancing its bag appeal. Blueberry Zkittlez Automatic offers a balanced combination of indica and sativa qualities. Upon consumption, users typically experience a gentle euphoric shift followed by a soothing body stone. This strain can help alleviate worries and induce relaxation in both the mind and body. She develops her full profile during the flowering stage. Initially, the scent is subtle, but it intensifies in the final weeks of flowering, emanating a slightly pungent floral aroma. After harvest and curing, the smell evolves into a delightful blend of sweet and fruity notes, with hints of grapefruit and earthiness in the background. The flavor profile is described as complex and invigorating. It starts with a sweet berry and grapefruit taste and then transitions into a burst of citrus flavors, including orange, pineapple, and lime mojito. Additionally, there are subtle notes of chocolate, adding a rare and desirable element to the overall taste experience.

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